Through the years I have transitioned through various techniques of capturing and editing real estate photos. Below are examples of one of the main ways I used to capture and edit and examples of what I do now. These are all photos that I have captured. This is meant to show some of the issues that I ran into as a photographer and the flaws I found that forced me to find a better solution for my clients. 

HDR Example 1

While HDR photos have their uses I found many issues when. Shooting interior real estate photos and they are issues i notice with many photos on the MLS. When Looking at the first example you will notice that while you get the view outside the window you will also get issues on the area immediately around the window. In #1 there is an issue where the beam is much darker than what it should be. In  #2 and #3 there are also similar issues. #4 is there to point out the color of the wall. In example 2 photo you will notice the difference in the wall color.  You can also notice that, while subtle, there is a slight yellow cast in the photo. 

HDR Example 2

This photo is actually part of the same room as example #1. You will notice that the wall is not the same color in the two photos. This is due to the strong mixed lighting in the first photo.  While the color cast in this photo is not as strong as example 1, it is still present. 

Flash Example 1

There is not much bad that I can say about using professional lighting for real estate photos. The only thing that I have found is that the time to shoot can vary depending on the layout and construction of the room being photographed. Using professional lighting captures the colors of the room accurately. In this example you can notice that there is no color cast on the photo. All of the colors are accurate to the way the room looked at the time of shooting. You can also notice that, unlike HDR example 1, there are no issues around the windows with dark areas. The foliage outside does not look washed out and retained the natural color. 

Flash Example 2

In this example you will notice that there is still no overall color cast. There is some limited color cast in the shower though. This was actually accurate to the way it looked while standing in the room. The light in the shower reflected off of the tile and bounced the color onto the surrounding area. While this is there, it is natural to this room and did not effect anything else in the room. 

Flash Example 3

Looking at this example you would not have guessed that this was a very dark room. Using professional lighting allowed me to light this room and accurately capture the color in the room while also capturing the way the light naturally fell. The way the shadows and light fall in the room are accurately represented in this photo. One problem shooting a room this dark would have been the window. It would have been completely white outside. HDR could have brought some of the detail back but it would have had the issues pointed out in HDR example 1. 

It is for the reasons that I have shown above that I shoot using professional lighting. To me it is the most logical choice for beautiful photos that accurately capture the way the home actually looks. If you are interested in this form your next shoot feel free to contact me by either filling out a contact form, emailing me or calling me at 321-230-6038. 

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